.....the creation and appreciation of beauty.

           Meet the Artist. 

Christie Trumbaturi ~ Owner and Esthetician. Studied Esthetics at Aveda Institute

My love for skincare, make-up and all things beauty was discovered when a friend invited me to accompany her to a spa service. I was instantly in love... Seriously.  I am a sucker for presentation, atmosphere, and impeccable service. The dim lights, scent and flicker of a lavender aromatherapy candle, fluffy white towels, soft spa music, an amazingly comfortable, heated massage 'bed', and an esthetician (at the time I had NO idea what that was) made ME her point of focus for TWO hours -- Holy Moly!!!  Exactly one month later I was an esthetic student.

Although I love every service I perform, I especially love make-up. The instant gratification of witnessing an ordinary woman to exquisite in 30 minutes by using a palette of colors and textures that complement her unique skin tone, complexion and facial structure. Her reaction when she sees herself for the first time is priceless and gratifying. 

I look forward to  making YOU my point of focus by pampering you through a relaxing spa service or highlighting your features through a customized makeup application. 


Kayla LeBlanc~Make-up Artist

Hello my beauties! My name is Kayla. I am a self taught Make-up Artist. Originally, I’m a native of  St. Bernard, but for the last 10 years I have resided in the quiet picturesque town of


I was blessed with a natural talent for art, however, In my wildest dreams, I would have never thought to combine that talent with my biggest obsession... MAKE-UP!! One day, I picked up my make-up brushes and started experimenting; soon I found I was having the time of my life. I quickly realized that the art of make-up allowed me to express myself in a way I have never experienced. I also realized that people were starting to compliment my work!! With that motivation, I spent countless hours at my personal vanity; I was determined to learn all that I could and to perfect my technique in make-up application. I have also made it a priority to stay current on the newest make-up trends and colors via books, magazines, online articles and online tutorials. It is my enjoyment and goal in life to dream up and put together beautiful creations. I am in awe of the transformation make-up can bring to a person; the boost of confidence is both physical and menta

I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes:

"Beauty is power, and make-up is something that really enhances that;

It's a woman's secret.

~ Charlotte Tilbury, MUA ~